Monday, July 7, 2008

Activity Log : GSoC Week #11 (30.VI - 6.VII)

This week was mainly focused on further no-registrar patch work. Because the activity was pretty much detailed during the week through various mails sent on the public SC main dev mailing list, I'll only make a short summary listed chronologically in the next lines:
  • found out (after quite a while...) the simple solution for the problem in the no-registrar patch pointed out in the last entry - just make sure the proxy related fields are blank (or at least not automatically filled with the IP part of the SIP address) at the account registration and it solves it
  • merged the encryption branch with the SC main trunk
  • re-adapted the adapted patch to fit the modifications; you can find it here: ( or as a zip archive - )
  • tracked deeper a ZRTP exchange hang issue in the DH phase for which I received a quick solution from Werner
  • added support for the no-registrar option inside the SIP account registration wizard in order to eliminate the hardcoded version which causes all accounts to use no-registrar mode; however this brought up some problems inside the older manually adapted patch - one is related with faulty call disconnect in some cases in the no-registrar mode and the other is about the fact that the registrar mode calls in the patched version doesn't seem to work and needs fixing (no analysis done for the last part yet, for more details about the first check the mailing list); anyway, you can find the (highly unstable for now) full patch here: ( or as a zip archive including only the no-registrar option added to the account through the wizard - which is stable :) here: )

That's pretty much about the last week activity in short terms. For this week I'm planning to setup a Linux partition to make further ZRTP tests, and eventually to take a deeper look into the last no-registrar patch version to see if I can fix the problems mentioned.

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RomainKuntz said...

Hi Emanuel,

Thanks for this report. Do not forget to fill the student evaluation available on the GSoC student dashbord this week.