Monday, April 28, 2008

Activity Log : GSoC Week #01 (21.IV - 27.IV)

- Set roadmap for analysis phase:
  • Set up the working environment
  • Read the SRTP RFC, ZRTP draft and other relevant docs in order to get a detailed view of the problem
  • Study more in-depth the SIP Communicator sources
  • Check out for some existing open source ZRTP solutions to get a possible reference view for the implementation
  • Establish a basic design for the key sharing and agree with mentors about this

- Pretty much done with the working environment (for now):

  • Moved from NetBeans (used in the project evaluation phase) to Eclipse (for some reasons seems a better choice...)
  • Coding on a PC with Windows XP Pro SP2, and using a notebook with Windows XP MCE SP2 (Media Center Edition - actually Pro platform with some media features) as a testing peer; another PC or notebook will be (hopefully...) added if necessary to the small network, for testing (from June.. or July)
  • Installed Brekeke SIP Server Academic Edition (quite an easily manageable Registrar option) and configured two SIP accounts for testing - (gonna use direct SIP communication from the options provided by SIP Communicator as base for testing the key sharing)

- "Parsed" the Apache Felix OSGi Tutorial section at in order to get a basic view about OSGi architecture

- Did read almost all entries (some of them for the 2nd time) from the four sections found on SIP Communicator's Developer Documentation page ( ) in order to better understand the SIP Communicator architecture

- Other stuff:

  • Introduced myself on the SIP Communicator dev list
  • Sent forms to Google (hope they got them...)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First entry

Hello everybody !

This will be the place where I'll post the activity related to my GSoC 2008 project:
" Implementation of encryption key sharing algorithms "

A short description for this can be found at:

Gonna be back with more info soon !